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Know Your Wardrobe


Built to be exceptionally durable and long lasting, More Space wardrobes are all crafted from high grade raw materials. From the body and doors down to hardware fixtures, every component of your wardrobe is of the very best quality. Our well informed designers will help you select the right combination of materials based on your unique budget and requirements.

Wardrobe body


Medium density fiberboard, a composite engineered wood, is known for its strength and consistency, resulting in smooth edges — perfect especially for cabinet doors (shutters).

Wardrobe body

Pre-Laminated Particle Board

Pre-laminated particle board is an environment friendly raw material, with the added advantage of being cost effective. While the pre lamination adds to its durability, the material remains flexible in design and application.

Wardrobe body

MR Plywood

Commonly referred to as commercial ply, MR(moisture resistant) grade plywood is designed to withstand damp conditions and humidity. Its strength and durability makes it well suited for solid wardrobe construction.

Wardrobe body

Marine Ply

An extremely durable and waterproof plywood, this high-grade ply is known for its structural strength and resistance to warping with temperature and moisture changes.

Wardrobe body


A material that’s perfect for superior quality wardrobes, the high density fibreboard exhibits the same properties as plywood, all at a substantially lower cost. The high moisture resistant top-coat makes it waterproof, while heat and termite resistance makes it highly durable.

Wardrobe doors


Embrace a contemporary style with Saint-Gobain glass for your wardrobe doors, available in clear and frosted finishes. Firmly affixed in an aluminium or wooden frame, tempered quality for exponential strength, as against standard annealed glass.

Wardrobe doors


An epitome of luxury, the strength of this timeless stone is like no other. Match your backsplash with your granite countertop for a chic coordinated aesthetic. Furthermore, it registers no heat damage, is virtually scratch resistant, and stain resistant when sealant-coated.

Hardware Accessories

The hardware fixtures in your More Space wardrobe, such as the hinges and drawer channels, are made from galvanised steel. Galvanization results in uniquely tough hardware, resistant to damage and corrosion. Designed as per the hardware’s function, the coating may also range from chrome to nickel.

Internal modules

Your wardrobe can be designed with four basic types of storage - fixed shelves, pull-out shelves, drawers in three sizes, and clothes rails, with an additional option of a specialized locker chamber. Based on this concept, More Space offers over four hundred internal module combinations, which can be used as stand alone units or two or more units integrated together to give you limitless options to suit every possible size and storage requirement. Here we touch upon some popular recommendations.

Men’s wardrobes

Whether you are the one to neatly hang all his workwear or the one who prefers neatly folded shirts on shelves and boxers in a drawer, choose from a plethora of internal module configurations especially designed keeping in mind the male wardrobe and average height.

Women’s wardrobes

Introducing internal wardrobe configurations that are thoughtfully designed for the average woman’s, height with easy-reach clothes rails. While some configurations allow plenty of hanging space, some strike the perfect balance between shelves, hanging space and drawers — choose the one that best suits the clothing you already own.

Couple’s wardrobes

Sharing half of your wardrobe with your other half? More Space makes it simple to divide space, all the while meeting each one’s different wardrobe needs. Whether you both love hanging garments or have complementary needs, find an internal combination, from numerous options, to perfectly suit both your needs.

Kid’s wardrobes

Growing kids with their growing needs, thrive with smartly designed wardrobes. With a lot of storage areas, including clothes rails, within their easy reach and some designed to be out of reach, these internal configuration options ensure your control over what can be accessed.

Add on Accessories

More Space offers a range of add-on wardrobe accessories that help you make maximum use of available space. From storage baskets and racks to wardrobe lifts, each of these highly useful accessories are designed to help you keep your wardrobe neat and organized.


Rattan Storage Basket

Designed to provide storage for all kinds of folded t-shirts, linen, pyjamas and more, this light and airy rattan storage basket makes the most of available wardrobe space. Sized for 900mm wide cabinets, this basket is secured in an aluminium frame and anchored on soft closing slides for easy pull-out access.


Shallow Storage Basket

The ideal way to compartmentalize smaller heights, this shallow basket offers compact storage for folded clothes, socks and accessories. Made of steel with perforations to allow air circulation, this basket is sized for 900mm wide shelves .


Wire Storage Basket

Store towels, T shirts and linen in this conveniently designed pull out wire basket. Affixed in an aluminium frame, the wire basket makes it easy to find your clothes and also allows ample air circulation. Designed for 900mm wide cabinets.


Multi-functional Storage Basket

An innovative solution to all your storage woes, the multi-functional storage basket integrates a spacious wire basket with hanger space. This handy accessory you store folded clothes of all kinds while a set of clothes rails provides space for hanging trousers, shirts etc. Sized for 900mm wide cabinets.


Pull-out shelf

Cleverly designed to maximize convenience, this pull out shelf glides out smoothly to allow quick access to clothing and accessories. The shelf is fitted with metal rails to improve visibility, letting you identify your clothing at a glance. Use it to store your folded trousers, T-shirts, kurtas, innerwear and socks.


Shoe Rack

Organize your shoes in style with this sleek add-on accessory. Mounted on soft closing slides, this rack features two sets of inclined perforated boards separated by a divider for efficient arrangement and easy viewing of your shoe collection. Designed for 900mm wide cabinets.


Basic Trouser Rack

A must have wardrobe essential, the basic trouser rack features nine rectangular bars providing hanger space for storing jeans, capris, formal pants and slacks. Soft closing slides allow you to pull out this rack for easy viewing and lets you keep your ironed trousers wrinkle free.


Multifunctional Trouser Rack

Upgrade your wardrobe storage quotient with the convenient and versatile multifunctional trouser rack. This rack features two movable bars along with 10 basic hanging rails to give you ample space to hang trousers, keeping them crease-free. Three plastic boxes let you store belts, pocket handkerchiefs and other accessories within easy reach. Designed for 900mm wide cabinets with noiseless soft close slides.


Semi-open Storage Box

Organize jewellery, trinkets, watches and other accessories with this handy semi-open storage box. Overlaid with a PVC surface, this wooden storage box is divided into open and closed compartments. Sized for 900mm wide cabinets, it is secured in an aluminium frame with soft closing slides provide easy access.


Multi-functional storage box

The perfect storage for jewellery, scarves, watches, ties, and other odds and ends, this elegant wooden storage box is overlaid with plush beige pile high fabric. Sized for 900mm wide cabinets and comes equipped with an aluminium frame and soft closing slides.

Closet Rods

Soft Closing Wardrobe Lift

Perfect for compact wardrobes where space is at a premium, this adjustable wardrobe lift lets you make use of overhead space for hanging clothes. A pull down rod lowers the rail to allow easy access to clothes. Designed for compartment sizes ranging from 830mm to 1150mm.

Closet Rods

Aluminium Closet Rod

An indispensable wardrobe staple for hanging shirts, suits, sarees, dresses, skirts and formals and everything in between. Featuring a corrosion resistant aluminium tube, this clothes rail is fixed to the upper shelf on two anodized silver cylindrical supports. Has an effective width of 750mm, designed for 900mm wide cabinets.

Door types

Swing door

Sturdy and easy to use, swing doors are the preferred options for more compact width wardrobes. Precisely cut and sized for exact alignment, these doors are attached to your wardrobe with concealed hinges.

Door types

Sliding door

Sliding doors carry high aesthetic appeal, save on space and also provide ease of access. More Space sliding door wardrobes feature the Topline Sliding door system from Hettich mounted on dual metal tracks for perfect alignment. Responsive to the lightest of touches, these doors have an integrated soft close function that allows smooth closing of taller and wide shutters.

Door types

Folding door

The perfect solution for larger wardrobe widths, folding doors glide effortlessly over metal tracks and fold outwards, saving on space. This style of doors allow easy access to internal shelves and are also convenient to operate. The integrated soft close function ensures smooth and noiseless movement.

Door panel designs


Perfect for a clean and modern look, the sleek and stylish plain shutter doors keep the focus riveted on the flawless finish of your wardrobe.

Door panel designs


Bring an edgy, contemporary vibe with high quality glass shutters, secured with aluminium frame. Keep it sleek and classy with clear glass or add texture with frosted glass.

Door panel designs


Blend functionality and aesthetics with our range of attractive mirrored shutters. Opt for full length mirrors on all your shutters or go with a combination of mirror and glass.

Door panel designs

Combination (mirror + plain)

For the best of both worlds, choose shutters with a combination of plain and mirrored finishes for visual balance and functionality - ideal for larger wardrobes.

Door panel designs


Named after their frame-inspired surface design, the classic style is reinterpreted to complement modern interiors. Available in a choice of plain, mirrored or glass panels, it is the perfect blend of style and strength.

Door panel designs


Bring subtle flair to your wardrobe with our classy routed shutters, featuring precisely positioned grooves along the panels for an understated yet elegant look.


More Space handle-less wardrobes come fitted with the innovative J profile in chrome finish, for convenient opening and closing. For those who prefer wardrobes with handles, choose from our extensive range of — contemporary handles finished in silver, chrome or SS; our antique range of classic handles; a luxe range of leather-covered handles and elegant groove handles.


Experience the widest range of cabinet, countertop and backsplash finishes for your More Space modular wardrobe. Whether it’s a favourite color that you desire or a well-emulated authentic wood pattern, sobriety with a matt finish or high-gloss glamour — with More Space you’d find yourself spoilt for choice.

Wardrobe exterior

Membrane Finish

More Space wardrobes are expertly finished in world-class membrane foils with characteristic seamless edges, creating a smooth and consistent look unlike any other. All sliding wardrobes are only available in a choice of 60 membrane finishes.

Wardrobe exterior


Our High Pressure Laminate offering from Merino includes matt, glossy, ultra high gloss, and moisture resistant options, all being the best in class. Heat resistant with antibacterial properties, they are pressed with automated machinery with high precision. With our attention to detail, matching edges bring out an outstanding beauty.

Wardrobe exterior


A newly developed breakthrough, the polymer finish boasts scratch resistant properties, keeping your wardrobe looking good even after years of use. Choose from any of the ten high-gloss options for a ultra-modern aesthetic.

Wardrobe exterior


A premium high-gloss option, its flawless finish and scratch-resistant properties make it a favoured choice, especially for high-end wardrobes. Easy to maintain, resistant to moisture and with great reflective properties, it can add visual space and an inviting appeal to your bedroom.

Wardrobe interior

Perfection is in the details — with extraordinary exteriors, your More Space wardrobes come with interior finish options to match. From a hand-selected range of finishes, ranging from textile textures to simulated-wood textures, let your More Space designer suggest the best pairing with your selected exterior finish.